Product Updates Mid-Year 2023

June 30, 2023
perch product updates mid-year 2023

Product Updates Mid-Year 2023

Have you seen the latest and greatest from Perch yet? We've been releasing updates left and right the last few months! From exercise details on the tablet app, to our new displacement and work metrics and so much more. Everything is designed to make insights more actionable, data more relevant, and the Perch experience much richer!

Read on for more details:

Beyond the Barbell!

Perch is not your father's VBT, and we're continuing to innovate to make sure we have more metrics, functionality, and application across your weight room.

Now beyond the barbell, we have vertical jumps, goblet squats, pull ups, split squats, single leg deadlifts, lateral lunges, loaded jumps and beyond. We can track it, and we're just as excited as you are about it. Objective data now across the entire weight room performance spectrum!

New Metrics

Displacement Metric

  • Displacement measures distance traveled, this means you can now track squat depth, bench depth and more to make sure your athletes are staying consistent, not cheating reps, and trying hard for each and every effort.

Total Work

  • Work measures energy, and is output in Kilojoules (kJ). We are calculating this using both force and displacement. You can now use this singular number to determine rep and session quality, viewing on the tablet, insights dashboard or rank athlete's total work on the leaderboard. 

See our metric definitions support article here

More Intelligence

New Exercise Detail

  • Exercise detail provides an overview of performance in real-time on the weight room floor. Select the new tab and you can see an athlete's best sets and best outputs. View historical sets to provide context, motivation, illustrate progress, and anchor for better.

Support Article is Here

Benchmark Team vs. Individual

  • Our new comparison tool allows you to better understand how an athlete, position, team or lifting group compares to their peers. Select any metric and time period to illustrate performance and make informed decisions. This is available on the Insights Dashboard.

Goal Accuracy

  • Are your athlete's hitting their prescribed zones? Goal accuracy is now available on the Insights Dashboard so you can quickly determine which athletes are hitting their goals for today's session or over training cycle.

Bigger, Better, Faster, and Stronger Perch Features

We're continuing to find both big and small ways keep Perch the simplest, most intuitive tool in your weight room. Here's a few smaller enhancements we released this quarter:

  • Single tap to save (Fewer tablet touches, faster workflow!)
  • Load velocity profile enhancements (Interactive data visualizations, customizable MVT,  load recommendations etc. Your athlete's profile just got more reliable and personalized)
  • Insight set table enhancements (Quickly view your roster's results, sort data and personalize data views to your team's needs)
  • Print Leaderboard (You can now print your custom leaderboard(s) and post for athletes to keep that competitive spirit going outside the weight room)
  • Share! (Share a customized view of your Insights Dashboard or an athlete's profile)
  • Bulk edit data (Delete or update sets in bulk)

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