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February 29, 2024
man and woman train Perch PLAN new product

New Product from Perch: Perch PLAN

Perch PLAN is here. Program with Purpose. Train with Precision. With Perch PLAN, effortlessly write, deliver, and individualize workout programs. Measure workout compliance and validate the effectiveness of programs. Build programs on the web for athletes to train through on the tablet on the floor.

Elevate your weight room experience by pairing our best-in-class weight room performance tools with seamless programming capabilities with Perch Plan.

How Does Perch PLAN Work?

To create a program with Perch PLAN, you'll be able to start in the Perch Web App. From here you can create a new workout under the PLAN tab and name it. You will be able to add exercises to the program here. This initially will just be Perch tracked exercises, but non-tracked and accessory movements will be added. This means that Perch PLAN can become your in-weight-room programming tool. Perch PLAN will also have compliance and progress dashboards for coaches to understand performance over time as athletes log workouts.

Perch PLAN allows for you to preset exercises, sets, reps, primary metric, goals, and load. Each of these components is optional to preset. Once you have written a program, simply save and publish it and the program will become available on your tablets.

Training With Perch PLAN

Once a program is published, your athletes will be able to enable it on the tablet. You will be able to see what the exercise is and what set number the athlete is on for the selected exercise in blue to the right of the exercise. Perch PLAN will move the athlete through the workout and show green checkmarks for each complete each set. Once an athlete has completed the workout, they will end it and all data will upload to the cloud. This again is where coaches will be able to see what work was done, and understand athlete compliance and progress.

If athletes complete extra sets, that data will be available and flagged as additional in both the tablet and web app. At the moment, there can currently only be one active plan per tablet - two athletes cannot perform their own plans on the same tablet. And in order to use Perch PLAN, at least one athlete must be logged in.

There is a link between sets and users, meaning that if things need to be reassigned to different athletes or the order of sets needs to be changed, you can assign them properly by clicking on the title of the plan in the top left hand corner of the screen, which will take you to the workout summary page. Once there, any unassigned sets can be properly assigned or unassigned by selecting the Edit button in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Keep in mind that you can still use Perch TRAIN in its standard mode without any PLAN selected if you choose to!

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