Case studies

Perch users run across every level of competition and they all want to use data to get better. Check out their stories here.



unc football stadium for the perch case study
University of North Carolina Football

Learn more about how UNC Football uses Perch to enhance competition, monitor players, and improve performance on the weight room and on the football field.

University of North Carolina Football
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
mchenry high school field
McHenry High School

Read about how Coach John Beerbower and McHenry High School use and leverage weight room technology like Perch in their facility.

McHenry High School
Director of Strength & Conditioning
perch on a weight rack at nmsu new mexico state university
New Mexico State University

Read about how New Mexico State University implements veblocity based training and Perch specifically in their weight to improve performance and adherence.

New Mexico State University
Director of Sports Performance
upenn franklin field stadium
University of Pennsylvania

UPenn is an Ivy League institution with prominent athletic programs, learn more about how they leverage Perch in their facility!

University of Pennsylvania
Director of Sports Performance
man and woman discuss purchasing technology for the weight room and perch and vbt
Weight Room Technology Purchase Process

Purchasing technology for the weight room can be daunting, follow the steps in this case study to make it easier to justify the purchase for your athletes!

Weight Room Technology Purchase Process
duke university football perch
Duke University Football

Read more about how Duke University Football and Coach Jeremy Jacobs have implemented sports technology, velocity based training, and Perch at Duke.

Duke Football - Jeremy Jacobs
Associate Director for Sports Performance
woman split squats using perch vbt
Trinity Physical Therapy

Learn more about how physical therapists and healthcare can leverage velocity based training for patient care

Trinity Physical Therapy - John Moran
Owner, PT, DPT
woman and man look at perch kit
Crucible Performance

Learn more about how Crucible Performance, an early Perch customers, incorporates Velocity based training with their clients!

Crucible Performance
Sports Performance Coach
university of maryland football stadium
University of Maryland Football

Learn more about how Wes Bordelon and University of Maryland Football implemented VBT and Perch specifically to improve athlete performance!

University of Maryland Football - Wes Bordelon
Associate Director of Football Strength & Conditioning
Major League Soccer

Learn more about using VBT and Perch in Major League Soccer with Coach Daniel Hicker. Sports technology can help improve performance in MLS!

Major Soccer League - Daniel Hicker
Head Athletic Performance Coach
Hebron Christian Academy

Learn more about using VBT and Perch at Hebron Christian Academy with Coach Spencer Arnold. Sports tech and VBT helps high school athletes!

Hebron Athletics - Spencer Arnold
Strength & Conditioning Director
Baseball and VBT

Learn more about baseball and VBT with Coach Brandon Golden formerly of ECU and the Dodgers organization, now with Future Fit App!

Major League Baseball - Brandon Golden
Performance Coach
Stories of
two people analyzing perch data on a computer

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