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Learn more about the founding story of Perch and the executive and performance advisory team that fuels us.

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Jordan Lucier on the left and Jacob Rothman on the right in Perch uniform pose with their dog.

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perch exists to make the world a Stronger Place through what we build & how we build it

Founded in 2016 at MIT, Perch emerged from visionary Co-Founders Jacob Rothman and Jordan Lucier. Frustrated by clunky, invasive performance monitors in weight rooms, they embarked on a mission. The outcome? Perch – a sleek, intuitive solution revolutionizing weight room performance monitoring.

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About Perch

Team Perch, with 15+ ex-athletes, fitness experts, and tech geniuses, is reinventing weightlifting and strength training. Revolutionizing performance monitoring, we're building a stronger world.



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Jacob Rothman

Co-Founder, CEO

Jacob hails from Charlotte, NC and was a baseball player at MIT turned mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur. With a longstanding passion for athletics and strength training, he saw a process worth improving and pursued it relentlessly with Perch. Today Jacob continues to drive the company forward with our greater mission in mind.

Jordan Lucier

Co-Founder, CTO

Jordan is a west coaster to his core and eagerly anticipates the first flip flop day of the year at Perch HQ in Cambridge, MA. True to his roots, he played volleyball at MIT, completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science, and has an obsession with solving incredibly hard engineering problems.

Performance advisory board

Ryan Davis

Director of Football Strength & Conditioning, University of Maryland

Spencer Arnold

Director of Strength & Conditioning, HC Academy & Power and Grace Perform.

Jeremy Jacobs

Director of Football Applied Sports Science, Texas A&M

Sam Bowhay

Men’s 1st Team Strength & Conditioning Coach, Chelsea Football Club

Jeremy Fradin

Assistant Director of Sports Performance, University of Central Florida

Jordan Troester

Director of Performance and Sports Science, University of Oregon

Robin Thorpe

Strength & Conditioning and Sports Science Lead, Red Bull Athlete Performance Facility

Grant Steen

Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coach, Seattle Seahawks

Tommy Moffitt

Director of Strength & Conditioning, Texas A&M

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Perch Install at the University of Georgia Football

"It just gives us the chance to give athletes autonomy. They come in the weight room and doing it their own. It's amazing how quick they pick up on the technology."

Perch Install at UPenn

"Penn in the Ivy League is the intersection of Peak performance and Peak academic stressors, we need a solution for stressors they receive in both of those environments. Perch allows us to do that by providing data-driven solutions."

Perch Install at UNC Football

"The ability to track guys instantaneously and to analyze their movement patterns through technology in the weight room has been fantastic."

Perch Install at University of Maryland Football

"The equipment, the technology, the Perch and the velocity-based training, I think it's been the single biggest influence on our program. It's given a whole new dynamic to our training because it's a new level of focus for our athletes."

Perch Install at McHenry High School

"What I loved about it there was no tether to have the camera be mounted in the rack where I can focus on the athlete and coaching. It's very user-friendly and so their ability to engage and get feedback has been phenomenal."

Perch Install at Kansas State

"Working with Perch has been a breath of fresh air, from day one, they provided us with Gold Standard customer service."

Perch Install at Hebron Christian Academy

"It's relatively seamless for the athletes. At the same time, I get really accurate objective data. I can literally take models of training and produce evidence that those models of training do or don't work."

Perch Install at Wake Forest University

"The team's been awesome. Got everything installed, all our guys were able to get around them, ask questions, get right into it and hit the ground running day one."

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Scott Sinclair

University of Georgia

Head of Strength & Conditioning Coach

Video Description

Cory Walts

University of Pennsylvania

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Video Description

Brian Hess

University of North Carolina

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach — Football

Video Description

Ryan Davis

University of Maryland

Director Strength & Conditioning — UMD Football

Video Description

John Beerbower

McHenry High School

Director Strength & Conditioning

Video Description

Trumain Carroll

Kansas State University

Director Strength & Conditioning

Video Description

Spencer Arnold

Hebron Christian Academy

Director Strength & Conditioning

Video Description

Chad Bari

Wake Forest University

Director of Football Sports Performance


Start Gathering Data With Perch Today!

Reach out to us to speak with a representative and get started using Perch in your facility.


Absolutely! One of the best parts of VBT and Perch is the ability to enhance intent and increase a competitive atmosphere. With Perch's leaderboard you can create custom competitions for teams or groups, any exercise, any time window, any metric.

Perch is a cloud-based system. All of your data will be able to be viewed on your tablet, though most easily seen and organized in your dashboard at From there, you can look at the performance of your entire organization down to an individual athlete level, understand programming compliance, readiness, and even export any data through our robust export feature.

Perch doesn’t have a cap on athletes using a singular device, though we recommend in the interest of weight room flow, and for maximum ease of use, somewhere between 1-6 athletes during a session on a single device.

Perch tracks almost any lift in the weight room. Anything you do with a barbell, trap bar, safety squat bar, or other funky bar you have. We also capture non-barbell or bodyweight movements performed with dumbbells, kettlebells, or any other implement. And even if we can't track it yet, with Perch PLAN you can program anything and record load so you understand total volume using just Perch in the weight room.

We currently track 11+ metrics through Perch TRAIN, and 4+ metrics through Perch EVALUATE. For example: Mean and peak velocity, mean and peak power, eccentric mean velocity, eccentric time, and many more!.

Yep! Perch is compatible with most racks right out of the box. If your rack has a cylindrical cross member, or an obtrusion, we have a solution called the “Rack Adapter” that will enable you to use Perch no problem! You can even use Perch even without a weight rack. Perch can be placed on the ground or box and capture data from that angle. You can also pack it down into a compact carrying case for portability.

Perch can be powered via wall or outlet power, or with our Perch battery. The Perch battery has 10-12 hours of continuous usage, can power down in between sessions, and is fully rechargeable in about 3-4 hours. It has rubber coated magnets to attach anywhere on your weight rack.