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August 13, 2019

Hello and welcome! If you haven’t been to our website before, or even if you have, we wanted to take a moment and who Perch is; our vision, our mission, and what we hope you’ll get out of engaging with us now and into the future.

Co-Founders from left to right: Jordan, Jacob, Nate
Co-Founders from left to right: Jordan, Jacob, Nate

We are Perch. A Velocity Based Training company located in Cambridge, MA. Proudly founded by MIT student-athletes. And looking to change the VBT game as it pertains to collegiate and professional weight room workflow, and beyond. Uniquely, we are a no strings attached company, which helps create ease of use for both coaches and athletes. With internal and external validity and reliability, our product is only getting better with time.

Additionally, moving forward we are aiming to be both a valid and reliable source of Velocity Based Training educational content. With some of the best and brightest minds in engineering and sports science on hand, Perch is sure to be the next best product and resource in Velocity Based Training and sports performance technology.


At Perch, our focus is the coach and practitioner. We aim to enhance athletic performance by enhancing coaching performance.

We are building technology that gives coaches a greater level of insight into daily athlete readiness; technology that can help coaches regulate athlete workload, and technology that can help coaches create motivation and intent through biofeedback and competition.

However, we believe that weight room technology will never truly make positive impact on the performance of a coach, until it stops being both a performance enhancer and hindrance. Technology in the weight room can’t come with strings attached. Its effect must be felt, but its presence must be unnoticed.

Everything we do is motivated by one underlying goal: create technology that liberates coaches and athletes to perform at their best, without any interruption to work flow. This is why we persevere through late nights and wrestle with massive engineering challenges; we want to create a faster, stronger, and more intentional future for athletes and coaches everywhere.


Perch was founded by three student-athletes out of an MIT fraternity (who knew?!) We tried almost every single piece of fitness technology on the market and they all ended up in the drawer. As athletes in the weight room four days a week, We wanted something that could count more than steps and heart rate. We needed something could measure our power output, velocity, and mobility in the weight room, passively track this information, and allow us to share this information with our coaches and fellow athletes. We quickly developed a passion for providing visibility into weight room performance, helping coaches help their athletes.


It started as an idea, but quickly became reality as we built janky prototype after janky prototype. We attended conferences, trade shows, and talked to hundreds and hundreds of strength coaches. Those of you we met at CSCCa 2017 probably remember the hot mess that was our product at the time. We iterated, tuned our algorithms, tested, and repeated. Through all the ups and downs, the rejections and long nights coding, the multiple startup accelerators (MIT DeltaV and Techstars NY), our passion for the problem and the passion of our customers inspired us to persevere.

The “janky” prototype progression of Perch
The “janky” prototype progression of Perch


Born out of MIT, our products are built from the ground up. You hold yourselves and your athletes to the highest of standards, and so too should you hold the technology and equipment providers with which you work.

We are in constant pursuit of performance, and everyday we come into work to do the following:

  1. Build accurate and reliable products, products that give you data that you can leverage to help enhance the performance and motivation of your athletes in the weight room.
  2. Create products that are easy to use and seamlessly integrate into your workflow, saving you time, allowing you to focus on what’s most important and performing your job to the fullest.
  3. Continually improve and grow as a product, company, and as individuals. We are a team of MIT engineers, sports scientist, and former varsity athletes. Our technology does not plateau. We aim to deliver you new updates, products, and information that will help you perform to the fullest.
  4. Deliver actionable insights. We do not believe in collecting data for data’s sake. We aim for every piece of data collected to have a purpose and to help you find that purpose to enhance your and your athletes’ overall performance.
Perch: velocity based training made easy
Perch: velocity based training made easy


We believe velocity based training should be a ubiquitous form of training regardless of what device you use. And we are dedicated to creating content and educational material that will help coaches leverage this form of training to the fullest.

We will be posting regularly regarding velocity based training research, strength and conditioning technology, case studies, our research and insights regarding the data we are collecting, guest posts from thought leaders in the area and coaches in the field, and more. In addition, we are relying on YOU to engage with us, ask us questions, push us to learn more and create an even better product. Improving and enhancing sports performance and human performance through technology will always be a team effort. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Perched on a rack to optimize your performance without interrupting your workout flow
Perched on a rack to optimize your performance without interrupting your workout flow


We didn’t start this company to ride off into the sunset, we started this company to help athletes perform, help coaches coach, and help everyone live healthier lives.

Now nestled into a co-working space in Cambridge, MA amongst some of the brightest minds we’ve ever encountered, we continue to develop the product and technology. And we are pleased to say it is on the market and ready for your consumption!

In the coming weeks and months, we plan on tackling big topics and big questions for you in this blog space. Be sure to follow along here and on our social media pages! We look forward to growing with you and getting to know you on this journey!

Intentionally Yours,


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