Perch For Military.

Perch effortlessly quantifies weight room performance without detracting from it. Improve performance, Reduce Injury, and Return operators to duty faster.

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Perch works with military organizations to reduce injury, mitigate external stressors, and leave little to chance. Control weight room variables with increased precision.

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Improve Performance.


Stay combat ready by improving power and performance. Be ready to take on any situation on and off the battlefield.

reduce Injury

Stronger operators trained with the utmost precision prevents occupational injury and increases the ability to perform day after day.

REturn to Duty

With established baselines, returning from injury or deployment can be done with greater precision and care. Return to duty safely and efficiently.

Enhance Motivation

Educate operators and military personnel on training for what matters most. Increase buy in through objective results.


For Military Facilities

Battery Powered

No power? No problem. External batteries provide ample usage in a single charge.


Install in minutes. Use our carrying case to take it anywhere. And we mean anywhere.

Use Offline

Data is processed on the device. No internet required.


Designed with industry best practices in mind so your data is secure.

perch camera on military weight rack

How Perch works for

Your operators.

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Save Time

Run your facility with precision. No cumbersome setup. No wasted time.

Perch camera on tablet on weight rack
Always On

Mounted up and out of the way, non-contact means less risk of damage and more data collected. You operate year-round, and so should the tools you use.

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Regulate Year Round

Streamlined and on, Perch is always available to perform its duty. Pre and post-deployment, pre and post-injury, whenever and wherever, enhancing the value of consistent data.

perch carrying case and devices in weight room
Commitment to improvement

MIT engineered, a commitment to listen to our customers, and over-the-air updates, means our product will continue to get better, just like your operators.

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Train smarter


For military.

Perch was designed using industry best practices, and we are especially cognizant of keeping our military personnel’s data secure. Our privacy policy and terms of service are readily available for more information.

Using Perch with secure personnel is simple, we recommend using it with anonymous profiles and/or tracking data in live time under pseudonyms. Data will still come up in live time regardless of user-profiles used or selected.

Perch has specially designed an “offline” mode for off-the-grid and secure facilities. Reach out to your representative for an offline password to get the most out of your units and data without internet.

Absolutely! Perch for military has been designed to be especially mobile. We have a secure Pelican carrying case with custom foam that will keep your Perch units safe as they travel across the country and across the world.

Perch doesn’t have a cap on users on a singular device, though we recommend in the interest of weight room flow, and for maximum ease of use, somewhere between 1-6 athletes during a session on a device.

Perch is a small, compact, and mobile 3D camera based and cloud based system. It is seamlessly integrated into your weight room, without any distraction from the workflow. No set up, no take down, just passive data collection from start to finish.

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