What Sets Perch Apart

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What Sets Perch Apart?

Perch is a 3D camera based system that enables weight room performance monitoring, velocity based training, and much more in a unified platform solution. Perch uses machine learning and AI combined with small cameras to track barbell movement, non-barbell movement, bodyweight, jumps, and more. It is a platform for future innovation, designed to grow and improve, ensuring the tools you use and your training remains at the forefront of accuracy and innovation.

Perch Products

Perch maximizes every moment in the weight room to improve athletic performance. We provided a unified solution to create programs, monitor and motivate athletes, analyze results, and make data-informed decisions. Our product suite includes three components: PLAN, EVALUATE, TRAIN.

Perch PLAN: Effortlessly write, deliver, and individualize workout programs. Measure workout compliance and validate the effectiveness of programs. Elevate the weight room experience by pairing our best-in-class weight room performance tools with seamless programming capabilities.

Perch EVALUATE: Use cameras to assess jump performance to  understand athlete readiness and performance at the weight rack. Enhance efficiency by seamlessly integrating jump testing into the normal weight room workflows. Track and report progress over time using intuitive reporting tools.

Perch TRAIN: Small cameras monitor, manage, and improve weight room performance without detracting from it. Enhance athlete motivation, increase programming precision, and optimize training. Use dashboard and reporting tools to measure and report on athlete progress.

3 Reasons Perch is the best and easiest tool for weight room performance monitoring for all levels of athletics:

Researched and practical validity and reliability: The easiest to use, set up, and leverage for performance improvement in a weight room setting compared to anything else that exists; it is the most consistent measurement tool. Perch has also been validated and proven reliable in a clinical setting (Weakley et al. 2022).

Clear and concise data and insights: Perch user interface and experience is best in class for athletes and coaches to understand performance and progress over time at-a-glance. The tablet and web app provide immediate and objective data.

The highest innovation potential on the market: A computer vision machine learning device that enables 3 unique products for a unified solution to weight room performance monitoring. Perch is continuously improving to deliver the best possible products and solutions for coaches.

5 Problems Perch Solves

  1. Athlete buy-in with objective data: You can tell an athlete to "move faster" all day long, but until they see tangible data in front of them to prove they are or are not, it's hard to convince them.
  2. Facilitate competition with live leaderboards: Athletes inherently love to compete! The data from Perch and our customizable leaderboard enables live competitions that fuel that competitive spirit.
  3. Save time in the weight room: Perch helps save time on the floor with minimal setup and cloud-based data collection.
  4. Justify decision making to coaches: Whether it is to a head coach, parent, athletic trainer, or AD, historic data always comes in handy.
  5. Manage return to play safely and efficiently. Historic data gives insight to pre and post injury, flags any compensatory issues, and helps you motivate athletes and keep them on track to return to play.

These are just some of the things Perch helps solve in the weight room and what helps set it apart. To learn more, download this at the form to the left, and let us know any questions you have or head to perch.fit/contact.

Perch Install at the University of Georgia Football

"It just gives us the chance to give athletes autonomy. They come in the weight room and doing it their own. It's amazing how quick they pick up on the technology."

Perch Install at UPenn

"Penn in the Ivy League is the intersection of Peak performance and Peak academic stressors, we need a solution for stressors they receive in both of those environments. Perch allows us to do that by providing data-driven solutions."

Perch Install at UNC Football

"The ability to track guys instantaneously and to analyze their movement patterns through technology in the weight room has been fantastic."

Perch Install at University of Maryland Football

"The equipment, the technology, the Perch and the velocity-based training, I think it's been the single biggest influence on our program. It's given a whole new dynamic to our training because it's a new level of focus for our athletes."

Perch Install at McHenry High School

"What I loved about it there was no tether to have the camera be mounted in the rack where I can focus on the athlete and coaching. It's very user-friendly and so their ability to engage and get feedback has been phenomenal."

Perch Install at Kansas State

"Working with Perch has been a breath of fresh air, from day one, they provided us with Gold Standard customer service."

Perch Install at Hebron Christian Academy

"It's relatively seamless for the athletes. At the same time, I get really accurate objective data. I can literally take models of training and produce evidence that those models of training do or don't work."

Perch Install at Wake Forest University

"The team's been awesome. Got everything installed, all our guys were able to get around them, ask questions, get right into it and hit the ground running day one."

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Scott Sinclair

University of Georgia

Head of Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Cory Walts

University of Pennsylvania

Director of Strength & Conditioning

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Brian Hess

University of North Carolina

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach — Football

Video Description

Ryan Davis

University of Maryland

Director Strength & Conditioning — UMD Football

Video Description

John Beerbower

McHenry High School

Director Strength & Conditioning

Video Description

Trumain Carroll

Kansas State University

Director Strength & Conditioning

Video Description

Spencer Arnold

Hebron Christian Academy

Director Strength & Conditioning

Video Description

Chad Bari

Wake Forest University

Director of Football Sports Performance


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