Perch For Teams.

Every sport. Every Athlete. Every Set. Every Rep. Quantify weight room performance, to improve on field performance.

Perch camera on LSU weight rack with LSU tiger behind
perch camera on new york giants NFL weight rack
perch camera on philadelphia phillies weight rack mlb
perch camera on duke weight rack

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perch camera on lsu weight rack


Win More Games.


Use Velocity to program with precision. Autoregulate to enhance on field performance and enable faster adaptation.

reduce Injury & Monitor Fatigue

Monitor fatigue and athlete readiness. Establish baselines and visualize longitudinal trends in performance. Protect valuable assets.

Increase Motivation

Teach intent and perceived exertion with real-time feedback. Enhance competition in the weight room.

Create Buy In

Validate your program and knowledge with objective data. Generate reports, track progress, and keep your athletes and team on track.


For Teams

Save Time

Install once, Get stronger every day. Eliminate the time required pre and post workout needed by other cumbersome devices with tethers and wearables.

reduce Repairs

Non-contact device means less risk of damage, making all of your devices available throughout the year.

Regulate Year Round

A streamlined and easy experience in the weight room means you can monitor athletes in every workout. Every set, every rep, every athlete. Form a complete picture in and out of season.

Commited to Innovation

MIT engineered, a commitment to listen to our customers, and over-the-air updates, means our product will continue to get better. Just like your athletes.

perch camera on duke weight rack

Built for every

Level of Competition.

Simple user interface and streamlined experience. Increase performance, enhance competition, and reduce injury. Even with the largest group, smallest staff, and the shortest amount of time.

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For Teams.

Nope! For our teams, we want to make sure you get the most out of your Perch units and your data, so we have made our platform available for unlimited users.

Perch doesn’t have a cap on athletes using a singular device, though we recommend in the interest of weight room flow, and for maximum ease of use, somewhere between 1-6 athletes during a session on a device.

Perch is a cloud-based system. All of your data will be able to be viewed on your tablet, though most easily seen and organized in your web application. From there, you can look at individual athlete profiles, or export any and all data through our robust export feature.

Depending on your software subscription, yes, Perch is able to integrate with athlete management systems.

Absolutely! One of the best parts of VBT is the ability to enhance intent and increase a competitive atmosphere. Our leaderboard feature on our web application has options to create custom competitions for teams or groups, any exercise, any time window, any metric, and for best reps from a set or set averages.

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