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perch camera installed on LSU weight rack


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perch AI is taking over the sports world
This AI is Taking Over the Sports World
November 3, 2023

This AI is Taking Over the Sports World... Every now and then, the sports world gets introduced to a new technology that absolutely changes the game. With professional sport currently operating at a more competitive level than ever, we have a question for you all. What’s the most important factor for teams to focus on?

perch at an nba team
NBA's Nets, Pistons, Heat and Magic using Perch's AI-powered weight training platform
October 31, 2023

The NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and Detroit Pistons this month became the latest professional sports teams to deploy Perch’s AI-enabled weight training system in their facilities. They add to a growing list of clients that includes more than one-third of NFL franchises, MLS teams and more.

perch at nba team brooklyn nets
NBA Teams Embrace AI Weightlifting Tech From Perch
October 31, 2023

NBA teams are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to get an extra competitive advantage. The Brooklyn Nets, Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat and Orlando Magic are among the first teams to leverage Perch, a cutting-edge AI-powered weight training platform.

the bostinno fire awards
Meet the BostInno 2023 Fire Awards Honorees
October 12, 2023

They may work out of a Cambridge office, but Perch is working on the field, pitch, and court. A growing number of teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and NCAA use Perch’s AI-backed weight training platform to monitor player movements during exercises and enhance their motivation, safety, and performance.

charlotte fc weight rack last word on sports
Perch Revolutionizing the Way MLS Teams Train in Weight Room
September 19, 2023

With numerous new MLS clients across a growing number of professional teams, Perch weight room performance technology is revolutionizing the way teams train with objective data points, gamification, and motivation rep to rep in the weight room.

perch and louisville mens basketball
U of L men’s basketball has been utilizing an AI-backed weight training platform this offseason
September 14, 2023

U of L men’s basketball has been utilizing an AI-backed weight training platform this offseason. The next time Louisville men’s basketball takes the court, how they fare will, in large part, depend on the play of their revamped roster. But their success also hinges on a new AI-backed weight training platform.

Perch Co founder jacob rothman and a quote in startup boston
Burning Questions with New England Based Innovators: Perch’s Founder, Jacob Rothman
August 5, 2023

Jacob Rothman and his co-founder created Perch, a company with the goal of making the world a stronger place. Perch enables athletes and coaches to effortlessly quantify weight room performance through a camera enabled device and software. This provides groundbreaking insights to their clientele through the use of AI in their tech stack.

jacob rothman the future of sports and sports technology
The Future of Sports: Jacob Rothman of Perch On The New Emerging Technologies That Are Disrupting The World Of Sports
June 4, 2023

Asa part of this interview, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jacob Rothman, co-founder of Perch. Jacob Rothman was an MIT varsity athlete when he herniated a disc in his back during a routine workout. While recovering from his injury, he started to brainstorm ideas for a device that could help athletes better quantify workouts in the weight room

perch integration on PLAE and life fitness hammer strength
Perch Weight Room Technology Launches Rack Integration with Life Fitness and PLAE
May 11, 2023

Perch – the first and only piece of weight room technology built for athletes and coaches – has announced a weight rack integration launch with Life Fitness and PLAE, giving users of the equipment an opportunity to elevate their weight room experience by quantifying performance with velocity-based training.

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