Perch For Performance Facilities.

Enhance buy in. Differentiate your facility. Provide greater value to your clients.

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Set your Facility


Facilities around the country use Perch to increase client buy-in with objective data, set their facility apart with technology, and validate their training methods to clients and parents. Improve your bottom line, by investing in the future of training.

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Set Your Facility Apart.


Use power and velocity to optimize performance and results for your clients.


Create greater buy-in from your clients with hard data. Improve performance quickly and safely.


Do no harm. Reduce liability. Push the envelope to enhance performance while monitoring fatigue and tracking trends.


Use the same technology implemented by some of the most elite athletic programs in the world. Set your facility apart from the rest.


For Performance Facilities


Eliminate cumbersome tethers and shared wearable devices.


Designed for any and every weight rack, right out of the box.


Your facility is perfect the way it is. Don’t worry about routing cables.


Install in minutes. Use our carrying case to take Perch anywhere to train your clients.

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How Perch works for

Your Facility.

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Save Time

Manage your business. Not your technology. Perch is the simplest to use weight room technology on the market.

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Save Money

Non-contact devices means less risk of damage. Protect your investment.

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Maximize your investment

A streamlined experience in the weight room means you can monitor athletes in every workout. Every set, every rep, every athlete.

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MIT Engineered

Designed and developed at MIT, Perch will continue to innovate and provide value for years to come.

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For Facilities.

Nope! You can have as many or as few Perch units as makes sense for your facility. We do offer bulk discounts for larger installations, but you can get value out of a single unit in smaller facilities just the same.

Perch doesn’t have a cap on athletes using a singular device, though we recommend in the interest of weight room flow, and for maximum ease of use, somewhere between 1-6 athletes during a session on a device.

Depending on your software subscription, you will be able to access historical data for a minimum of 4 years, and up to infinity.

In the Perch web application, we have the ability to add teams and groups and categorize athletes into them according to whatever makes the most sense for your facility. Teams can also be subcategorized into groups, or groups can be standalone within your organization. Groups will then be able to be logged into the tablet app collectively. Data exported in the web application can be selected by groups or teams or individual athletes as well.

Yes! In addition to tracking the position of the barbell in 3D space, Perch is also able to track and visualize concentric bar path. Upon completion of a set, you will be able to see and analyze performance.

Perch tracks sets, reps, peak velocity, mean velocity, peak power, mean power, eccentric mean velocity, eccentric time, time to peak power, time to peak velocity, velocity at 100ms, displacement, and total work. And more to come!

Perch is a small, compact, and mobile 3D camera based and cloud based system. It is seamlessly integrated into your weight room, without any distraction from the workflow. No set up, no take down, just passive data collection from start to finish.

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