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Learn more about the founding story of Perch and the executive and performance advisory team that fuels us

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Perch exists to make the world a stronger place through what we build and how we build it.

Founded in 2016 at MIT, Perch emerged from visionary Co-Founders Jacob Rothman and Jordan Lucier. Frustrated by clunky, invasive performance monitors in weight rooms, they embarked on a mission. The outcome? Perch – a sleek, intuitive solution revolutionizing weight room performance monitoring.


Support, appreciate, respect, and trust each other as we tackle challenges and fly towards a common goal.


Have the courage to fail, learn, grow, and try in the pursuit of excellence. Embrace the process and keep moving forward.


Respect differences in beliefs, backgrounds, and ideas to make better decisions and drive innovation to change the world.


Attempt to accomplish what was previously thought impossible, and rise to the challenge each and every day.

Our Values

The perch


Powered by a dynamic crew of 15+ ex-college and pro athletes, fitness gurus, and tech wizards, Team Perch is reshaping weightlifting. We are revolutionizing strength training and performance monitoring, flexing our muscles to create a stronger world.

Jacob Rothman

Co Founder, CEO

Jacob hails from Charlotte, NC and was a baseball player at MIT turned mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur. With a longstanding passion for athletics and strength training, he saw a process worth improving and pursued it relentlessly with Perch. Today Jacob continues to drive the company forward with our greater mission in mind.

Jordan Lucier

Co Founder, CTO

Jordan is a west coaster to his core and eagerly anticipates the first flip flop day of the year at Perch HQ in Cambridge, MA. True to his roots, he played volleyball at MIT, completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science, and has an obsession with solving incredibly hard engineering problems.

Advisory Board
Ryan Davis

Director of Football Strength & Conditioning, University of Maryland

Spencer Arnold

Director of Strength & Conditioning, Hebron Christian Academy and Power and Grace Performance

Jena Ready

Director of Strength & Conditioning, Clemson Women’s Basketball

Troy Jones

Director of Performance Science and Education, House of Athlete

Jeremy Jacobs

Associate Director for Sports Performance & Head of Applied Sports Science, Duke University Football

Phil Matusz

Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach, Boston College Football

Sam Bowhay

Men’s 1st Team Strength & Conditioning Coach, Chelsea Football Club

Jeremy Fradin

Assistant Director of Sports Performance, University of Central Florida

Jordan Troester

Director of Performance and Sports Science, University of Oregon

Grant Steen

Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coach, Seattle Seahawks

Robin Thorpe

Strength & Conditioning and Sports Science Lead, Red Bull Athlete Performance Facility

Tommy Moffitt

Director of Strength & Conditioning, The Moffitt Method

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