perch uses 3D cameras to quantify movement without disrupting weightroom workflow. We capture bar velocity, power output, form, and more, motivating and informing athletes during a workout and providing coaches with a deeper level of insight into their athletes' performance and safety.

perch is being developed by former MIT student-athletes who believe that every coach, athlete, and trainer should have access to their athletes’ workout data. Everything we do focuses on ease of use, adaptability, affordability, and data accuracy.

perch is currently pushing elite athletes to perform at their best but will one day help millions of Americans build healthier, more athletic lives. Performing a variety of quality, functional movements is the first step to a healthier life, and perch is dedicated to motivating, quantifying, and coaching quality functional movement exercises regardless of fitness goals, age, or experience.  


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perch is currently seeking coaches, trainers, and athletes to beta test our product.


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perch is under development. We are dedicated to integrating customer feedback and ideas into our hardware and software. If you're a coach or athlete and you have ideas about how perch can be built to better benefit your program or your health, contact us.