The World's First Connected Weight rack

A precision engineered crossmember designed to fit your Perch camera device. Effortless mounting, a seamless workout experience, and a cleaner look.

The Next Evolution in Training

designed for the weight room

Intentional Design

Hidden wires, smaller footprint, sleek design.


One time setup, continuous performance monitoring.

Built for Coaches and Athletes

Designed to enhance your training, not detract from it.


our partners

We choose our integration partners for their ability to continually innovate and push the industry forward.


Get started!


Right now we work with Hammer Strength and PLAE on our weight rack integration.

This is completely customizable. You will work with your rack manufacturer to determine the color, and we will match that color for a cohesive look across your equipment

Some rack manufacturers will be able to retrofit your existing weight racks with a custom crossbeam. Reach out to your rack equipment manufacturer and your Perch representative to find out more.

No. We still have our rugged velcro solution available which will deliver the same premium performance monitoring capabilities.

This depends on the weight rack manufacturer lead time, as well as their ability to supply your custom colors to us. Reach out to your Perch and equipment manufacturer representatives for more.

two people analyzing perch data on a computer

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