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Hebron Athletics - Spencer Arnold
Strength & Conditioning Director
“I can literally take models of training and produce evidence that those models do or don’t work based on velocity-based data.”
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At Hebron Christian Academy, Coach Spencer Arnold had to find a way to bring velocity based training technology into the weight room in a way that was safe for the student but also gave him really accurate data. In his words “Perch is a beautiful marriage between those two. I can set a camera up above and out of their reach, away from them breaking it, I don’t have any strings attached to my bar, there’s no devices on my bar. It is relatively seamless for the athlete. But at the same time we get really accurate objective data on more than just the velocity of the bar”
Now that the entire weight room is outfitted with Perch, Spencer has accurate data that can inform athlete fatigue and readiness. With teenage athletes, fluctuations in readiness, strength, and fatigue fall in an enormous range daily, Perch and VBT can help regulate loads and intensities to positively impact performance. Moreover, he knows that the adaptations he says he is getting with a program, is what he is actually getting with his athlete


Bringing technology into this high school weight room wasn’t that simple. Spencer had to get the entire school involved to make it a viable purchase. Spencer went about it in an inspiring and helpful way for high school coaches and students across the country. “School-wide how do you get buy in if you have 195 kids but a 400 person school? You find ways to bring the whole school in the weight room, our marketing department in the weight room, our IT department in the weight room. I think that has been critically important for our success here." Spencer was able to leverage the importance of technology, and bring the entire school together.


Administration buy-in was the biggest obstacle for Spencer at Hebron Christian Academy. He had to work on bringing the school into the weight room to allow them to see the value of VBT. “Bring other people from outside of your weight room into your weight room and then all of the sudden, it’s not that big a purchase anymore. Because you’re spending money on the entire student population. Everybody is using this technology. So because everyone is using this technology, it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task anymore. It is a school system buying something that is going to impact a school system.”


The Future of Weight Training is Here! In 5 years, Spencer believes VBT will be in every major High School.

Taking the Guess Work Away with VBT enables coaches to guarantee traits they are trying to develop are developed

Leveling the Playing Field with VBT is as easy as using the leaderboard to ensure everyone is recognized

Daily Fluctuations in Readiness Are More Pronounced in high school and developing athletes. VBT accounts for it.

Whether You Realize It or not you are always looking for a specific speed when you program. Make sure you know that what that speed is and help your athletes adhere to it!


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