Eyes Where You Need Them Most

Perch is a camera that measures Bar Path, Bar Velocity, Power Output.

Small, compact, and flexible, Perch can be mounted to any standard weight rack without loss of rack functionality.

No Strings, No wearables, No change to your current workflow.


Maximize Every Rep

Motivate and educate athletes with instantaneous feedback.

Optimize workouts with velocity thresholds and training load recommendations.

Facilitate competition.

Increase training specificity.


Control the Weight Room from Anywhere

Access Historical Data.

Analyze and annotate athlete video.

Upload workout cards to be viewed on the rack mounted tablet.

Stronger in Four Easy Steps

Mount Perch to any weight rack in a few minutes. One time installation. No calibration required.

Sign in and switch between athletes with the touch of a couple buttons.

Instantaneous feedback on velocity, power output, and form without strings or wearable.

Access and program workouts from any device.

Become a Beta Tester


Tell us what we can do better

Perch is currently seeking coaches, trainers, and athletes to beta test our product.

Perch is under development. We are dedicated to integrating customer feedback and ideas into our hardware and software. If you're a coach or athlete and you have ideas about how Perch can be built to better benefit your program or your performance, we want to hear from you.